Bringing Happiness to Smartphone Users Everywhere

Shady Smart was invented by 89 year old  Nat Zaccaria, aka Grandpa Z. Married for 60 years, he is a father of 4 and grandfather of 11.  As an avid beachgoer and outdoor enthusiast, Nat's wife was often complaining that due to sun glare, she could not read the screen of her smartphone. Performing tasks like texting and emailing were extremely difficult, thus rendering her smartphone virtually unusable. What started as a labor of love to enhance his wife's enjoyment, turned into a mission to solve a problem for all smartphone users.  He spent countless hours refining his design and the end result was so fantastic, he knew he was onto something very special.  Nat further realized that his invention satisfied another major problem plaguing smartphone users, Privacy.  He knew the frustration that existed with people not wanting others to see their private and confidential information and that he had found the solution to this as well.

It was at this point that Nat decided he had to share his invention with the world and bring happiness to smartphone users everywhere.  

After nearly three years of tireless work, Nat's journey has led to his invention being patented and Shady Smart™ being born!