From Ashton Kutcher, Beebo investor - “……Ultimately, it comes down to helping entrepreneurs to understand one simple thing: they build products that make peoples lives better and easier. Martin understands that, and The Beebo is the perfect example of it being executed well.”

From Lori Greiner, Beebo investor - "Ashton Kutcher and I both love the Beebo. It really works & is a big help!"

From Jenna - "I ordered the Beebo after seeing it on Shark Tank last week. My 2 month old was refusing to take a bottle and we were willing to try anything. Seeing your product made me hopeful that she would relate the Beebo to mommy's breastfeeding. After putting the Beebo over my shoulder and inserting the bottle, my baby immediately began to drink! Thank you for making this product. Now I'm not concerned about returning to work next week. I will be bringing the Beebo to daycare to ensure she continues to bottle feed!"

From Christina - "Nursing moms have a free hand while they're feeding. I'm all in favor of bottle feeding moms having a free hand too."

From Stephanie - "I am so happy I purchased this item. I think it is something every bottle feeding mother/father should have."

From Heather - "... I think the Beebo is a TERRIFIC & AWESOME product. I'm trying to have a baby. I had a stroke and don't have use of my right arm. I was so worried about how to feed a baby. This product is GENIUS! I'm no longer worried. Thank you! I cried when I saw this on Shark Tank. Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!!"

From Melanie - "I didn't think I needed a Beebo until I spent time cooking a nice dinner for my husband that I didn't get to enjoy. Our little boy was inconsolable and I couldn't eat until he was fed. My dinner got cold, but I made my husband eat while it was fresh. Now we can eat together as a family. Thank you!"

From Sonya - "Thank you for your product! You’re helping many in ways you may never know. Jason (my son) lost his arm at age 4 to cancer. His being able to help feed his baby girl is a beautiful gift!"

From Erin - “AMAZING Product! I have now bought 3 different Beebos for 3 different friends - two of them had twins and have sent me feedback on how this has changed their world - they are able to feed both babies at the same time with the use of the Beebo! And feeding time is cut in half, allowing them more free time with the babies!” 

From Dr. Kristie Rivers, MD, FAAP, Pediatrician - “I had a chance to use the Beebo when I fed my baby niece……I was able to eat dinner at the same time she did! The Beebo kept the bottle in perfect position and stayed comfortably on my shoulder the entire time. How I wish I had this product when my children were babies.”

From Scary Mommmy via Facebook - “…..Why didn’t anyone think of this sooner?”

As Seen on Rachael Ray, October Gonzalez, Wife of NFL player Tony Gonzalez - “….a game changer! Having a free hand is everything!"

From Pop Sugar Moms via Facebook - “……this bottle holder is the BEST baby product you wish you had.”